For those of you who have seen and heard Ms. Blanchette speak at bookstores, coffee cafes, universities, libraries, organizations, and churches…you KNOW what the buzz is about. This charismatic performance poet and photographer takes her audience on a phenomenal and unforgettable journey into her world of poetry and photography. Hold tight, because we have some VERY EXCITING NEWS!!  

Kimberly is presenting and conducting a series of inspirational and creative poetry workshops that are educational, daring and entertaining.  She's also presenting a series of highly engaging photography workshops. These workshops are both approachable and welcoming to the beginning poet or photographer as well as the seasoned published poet or professional photographer, or for anyone who wants to try something new and have fun. 


Poetry Workshops

#1: Motivation, Presentation and Delivery


The object of each new session will consist of a
variety of discussions, topics, and exercises to
encourage, apply, and enjoy the experience of
brainstorming ideas, concepts and enhance your poetry delivery. Participants will discover helpful hints to unlock “writers block.”  Kimberly will teach you about voice reflection,  tone, style, and how to read your audience. Maybe you have a fear of speaking in front of crowds or maybe you just want  to improve your delivery. Visual objects and Magazine articles may be used as tools for this exciting, fun, and inventive workshop. This is a great networking workshop to exchange ideas of how to motivate yourself and others to achieve a goal. Enjoy Laughter, Latte, and Repartee.   Leave your audience wanting more.... 

#2: Roller Coaster of Words


The object of each new session will be to complete a poem that includes one theme, idea, or emotion in which each your fellow poets contribute one word. All participants will share in an exciting “round robin” brainstorming game titled, Building the Poetic Foundation. This will be highly entertaining and a splendid way to meet new and interesting people. Each time
this workshop is taught the participant will experience and discover something new and different about themselves, their fellow poets, and humanity. This workshop teaches individuals what it means to accomplish a task while working in a team environment, to achieve a united goal, and appreciate the fruits of their labor. Those using the “Out of the Box” thinking skill will add to the playfulness of this workshop. Buckle up and hold on tight for an unpredictable and wild ride of wordplay! 

#3: Sensational Senses of Sight and Sound


The object of each new session will be to explore the fascinating interaction of two of our senses. Sight and Sound connect with word play, nature, spirituality, and music to form riveting poetry. This moving and breathtaking workshop takes sensory information and partners that with our personal words to create a beautifully written and spoken poetic art form, thus capturing the intensity of our sight and sound experience.
Those who are nature lovers, visual artists, and
musicians will greatly enjoy this workshop! 

#4: Sensational Senses of Touch, Taste and Smell



The object of each new session will be to explore the tantalizing interaction of 3 of our senses. Touch, taste, and smell connect with word play, nature, food, and sensuality. Participants will learn how to intertwine these 3 senses to create wanton passionate poetry. (This workshop will contain suggestive themes and provocative word play of an erotic nature.) For those of
you who have seen, read, or heard and thoroughly enjoyed Kimberly's performance of her famous poems: “The Violin And The Bow,”  “Honey,”  “From a Woman,” and the increasingly popular “Breath of Life,” then this workshop is definitely for you!   **Workshop may involve tasting Chocolate and/or other foods. **Warning! Blushing may occur.

#5: Celebration of You!


The object of each new session is to understand who you are as an individual, and how that individuality is the foundation of your poetry. This workshop nudges you to explore what
inspires you to create poetry in a certain style.  This workshop is a strong arm to lift your self-esteem, celebrate your spirituality, and embrace your culture. Kimberly welcomes you to find the hidden beauty of yourself and let your light shine! Excellent workshop for all who want to celebrate and embrace diversity: People of color organizations, LGBT organizations, women’s organizations, religious organizations, and
churches, etc. 

#6: Cause and Effect of Words


The object of each new session is to identify the positive and negative power of wordplay. Life events and circumstances birth emotions and reactions that trigger a verbal and written response from a poet. This is a highly
educational and inspirational workshop that opens up society’s mind and looks inside her politics, passions, and gender roles by using the  insightful persuasive power of poetry to explore these important, complex, and controversial issues. Participants of this class will learn
how to explore/change/embrace their world view by cultivating poetry as an amazing teaching tool of artistic expression. Your pen is your voice, use it! Magazine articles and newspaper clippings may be used as educational tools for this workshop. Philosophers, Educators, Activists and Homemakers, this class is for you, let your voice be heard throughout the Land Of The Free And The Home Of The Brave!! 

Photography Workshops

#7: Journey Through Nature


This is a hands-on and fun exploratory workshop. Get to know yourself as the “artist” behind the camera. With a round-robin style of communication participants will learn how to connect with the subject being photographed through the use of the lens. Kimberly will help you find ways to tap into your creativity, utilizing your own style. Bring in a nature oriented picture and be ready to discuss that piece briefly. Only if you have one, this is not a requirement. This will be a fun exercise of self evaluation. Participants will be going into “the field” to photograph what intrigues/attracts them, and then discuss what they photographed and why. 

Locations will vary. Settings will always be outside. 

#8: Journey Through the Mind


This artistic and philosophical workshop explores the different aspects and thoughts about what photography is. Photographs can be seen as art, documentation, memorable moments, or self expression, or a combination thereof.  Does photography have a purpose?  Does it need a purpose?  Kimberly will help participants seek out what they find alluring to their “mind’s eye” and mesh that with emotion, events, and/or objects.  Participants will discuss and explore the link in photography with ethical, political, cultural, and spiritual subject matter(s).    

Locations and settings will vary. 

Info & FAQs

Additional Information


* Email us ( to request a workshop and set up a date, time and location. We will provide you with an order form to complete as well.
* All of those registering for Ms. Blanchette’s workshops must be at least 18 years of age.  
* Fees are required to be paid in full 24 hours in advance.  
* Accepted form of payment: Check, Credit Card (MC, Visa, Discover, AE), Money Order, Cash (if in person), or PayPal.

* One Hour Workshop Fees are as follows: $25.00 per participant (includes a 10 minute break separate from workshop running time.)  
* Two Hour Workshop Fees are as follows: $50.00 per participant (includes two 15 minute breaks separate from workshop running time.)  
* Excursion Workshop Fees are as follows: These are specialized workshops in which fees will vary due to planning of travel, or lodging, and food.