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Early in 2015 Kimberly became ordained through the Universal Life Church. With this certification she is honored to use her talents and love for humanity to perform weddings, commitment cerermonies, unions, vow renewals, baptisms, dedications, last rites and more.


Welcome published author, artist and activist Kimberly A. Blanchette to celebrate your heart, spirit and mind through the many officiant services that she offers. Her jubilant attitude and appreciation for life can be described in a petite and eloquent manner: Love and Be Loved.  Kimberly can be described as professional, friendly, organized and creative.

This is your life journey. Create the most important moments, beautiful memories and sacred life events in a way that honors your authenticity and unique connection to The Divine. Become light seeking light. Welcome Kimberly to shine with you to illuminate your event with respect for both divinity and humanity in the next chapter of your treasured life story.

Design Your Event

Each service and event is unique and tailored to your wishes. Therefore, fees for your legal services will vary. For more information on scheduling a consultation, discussing services and fees, please email Kimberly directly at layersofmoments(insert@sign) and in the subject line write: Officiant Services. In the body of your email please answer the following questions so an estimate of fees can be determined and respectfully given:

- What season or month will the service be scheduled in?

- How many people will be attending?- Where will the service be held (venue, city, state) and will it be indoors or outdoors?

- How long do you envision the ceremony to be (ie. 30 min, 1 hour or elaborate)?

- Will you be writing your own vows or will you need help writing/developing those?

- Describe in one paragraph how you envision your ceremony to be?

- Does your event have a theme? If yes, please describe?

- Do you have special symbolisms (ie. lighting of candles, butterfly release, honoring your heritage/culture in a special way, hand fasting...) you would like to incorporate in your event?

- Is the beauty of your ceremony going to honor a specific faith, religion or humanitarian ideology?

- Would you like Kimberly to include any of her published writings or poetry to honor your event?

Tips and Info

Helpful side notes to think about when answering questions:

- As a couple you will need to apply for your marriage license a required number of days before your ceremony. Here is a link for Rock County: Rock County WI marriage license. If you live in another county please check that county for their fees and application rules. Kimberly will be honored to perform your ceremony in other states. However, please note the rules and regulations of each state is different and Kimberly must abide by the rules, regulations and legalities of that state for officiant services. 

- All events are important and need ample time to plan as well as to book your venues, catering and your officiant. Having stated that, a good starting process is between a year and 6 months to plan a wedding. Although, certain styles of weddings if organized tightly can be planned in less time. *Excellent planning leads to a successful event.*

- As an officiant Kimberly will need to meet with you 3 times prior to the event. *In certain circumstances these meetings can be done by telephone and/or email. This is to make sure that all that you envision is brought to reality in a joyous way. Share your ideas of what you are desiring to make your special event memorable. 

Thank you. Blessings and Light onto you!

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Important - Kimberly is normally not available for weekday events.

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