Pickle Barrel Press and Equality Expressions


Pickle Barrel Press

Expect the unexpected, nothing is what it seems when you look inside the mysterious brine of pickle barrel dreams. Founder Colleen Frentzel & Co-founder Kimberly Blanchette established in October 2010. We offer poetry, short stories, art work too, something for everyone to fancy...perhaps even you! 


Equality Expressions

A greeting card line from Pickle Barrel Press.  We now have 15 totally unique and exciting greeting cards available to fit your every mood. Check back often as we will be continually adding more cards for different occasions...

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 10/26/10 Our first publication is a poetry chapbook titled Naked

9/24/2011 The First Edition of Naked has been sold out.

10/20/2011 The Second Edition of Naked is now available.

10/28/2011 Released our second chapbook: The Master and the Student.

12/10/2012 The first edition of The Master and the Student and the second edition of Naked are both sold out. New editions of each are now available.

4/25/2013 Naked is now available on Kindle! 

4/25/2014 Released our third chapbook: Lotus on Fire.

12/13/13 Sold out of Lotus on Fire, the second edition now available.

4/2014 Released new poetry collection by famous Wisconsin author James P. Roberts titled A Demon in My View.

5/2015 Released a new poetry collection by poet and activist Kimberly A. Blanchette titled The Oracle

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