Author: Kimberly A. Blanchette
Layers of Moments is Kimberly's first publication (Aug '06). This book is
a stunning collection of some of her best poetry and black & white
photography. A must have for anyone's book collection or coffee table. Her
poetry can be best described as spiritual, intellectual, and daring. Her
photography is multi- dimensional; it is soft and gentle yet hard and
coarse. She describes a black and white photo as being "timeless."
Public Speaker: Kimberly A. Blanchette
Artist: Kimberly A. Blanchette
The art you will see from Kimberly will almost always be in the form of her black and
white photography, her poetry or her paintings.  She has also designed a cartoon
bee logo, inspired by her poem "Fellow Bee," that is copyrighted and being used in
our new clothing line. In addition to writing poetry she has also written an
action-fantasy screen play titled
Rosenstone.  Kimberly, in the past, has performed
as an actress and a comedian. In her spare time she enjoys creating edible
Kimberly A. Blanchette
Author - Public Speaker - Artist
Kimberly has a wide variety of knowledge on many different subjects which compels her to share her knowledge
and experience in order to help others. Her passion for life is clearly expressed through her actions.

Right now she is offering a series of special poetry workshops in addition to her
Layers of Moments
Presentation. For more information about these workshops visit the Workshops/FBS page.

Kimberly is also available to do voice overs and commercials for radio and television or read for audio books.
Kimberly A. Blanchette Biography
Creative Background:
It is important to know that Kimberly places
God first her life, crediting Him with her
talents and skills. She has been writing
poetry for over 20 years. Her zesty
appreciation for all things Shakespeare
opened up an opportunity for her to perform
on a cable poetry special in 1996.  In
addition to that, she played a lead role on a
cable soap opera, titled
True to Desire,
filmed out of Milwaukee, WI in 1996.  She is
an approachable, seasoned, diverse woman
who enjoys all of what life has to offer.
Professional Background:
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Philosophy from
University of Wisconsin - Parkside, Kenosha, WI
Human Resources Management from Cardinal
Stritch University, Milwaukee, WI
Associate Degree from Lake County College,
Grayslake, IL
Other Artistic Adventures, Performances, Merits & Awards:
Photo taken by Colleen Frentzel
A few samples of Kimberly's
poetry can be found at
Book That Poet, or the
Wisconsin Fellowship of
Poets website.  Here is a
link to her poet page at the
WFOP website:
Poet Page
Photographer - Activist - Poet
Latest News
Panache Magazine featured an
article about Kimberly titled
Minding the Spirit. To read the
article click
The Fellow Bee Society is proud
to present "Poetry for a Purpose"
events. Several times a year we
will be affiliated with humanitarian
causes. We will be giving back to
the community through
fundraisers and other events to
promote peace and harmony and
awareness of cultural diversity.  
Still not a member of the Fellow
Bee Society? Click here
Kimberly's reading at the
Janesville library will be televised
on Janesville's cable access
channel 12 (JATV) on April 21st
and 22nd at noon, 5pm, and
10pm.  Reruns will be scheduled.  
It can also be checked out directly
from the library 811.54
Jim Cox  and Margaret Lane of
Midwest Book Review gave
of Moments
a favorable review. The
review will be published in March.
(more details to follow)
Layers of Moments begins...
Kimberly has a new series of
black and white photographs
available for individual purchase.
You can also purchase these
prints framed and matted gallery
style. Visit our Store for more
Kimberly had a really fun time
reading for
Operation Read at
Edison Middle School. She
wants to thank the community for
supporting such a wonderful
event. She also wants to thank
all of the kids in class for their
enthusiastic participation.  
Kimberly gave her poetry
workshop Celebration of You at
the Appleton Public Library. She
wants to thank the library and all
of the participants. She had so
much fun and was pleased that
everyone enjoyed the workshop
and learned something about
themselves and the poetry inside
Kimberly is working on the
production of a new poetry cd
titled "All Natural" It will also
feature soothing background
music by Dakota Windancer and
a bonus track featuring throat
singing by James P. Roberts. It
will be available for sale in our
store 4/23/10.
We are finishing up the
formation of our own press
called Pickle Barrel Press. Our
first chapbook, "Naked," will be
ready on 10/26. Order at the
Pickle Barrel page. Stay tuned  
for more exciting news and
releases coming from PBP.
Layers of Moments audio cd is a self produced disc full of Kimberly
performing all of the poems from the
Layers of Moments book, including
all 3 versions of Breath of Life.
All Natural (Apr '10) is a professionally produced cd which contains new
nature and spiritual poems by Kimberly with background music by Dakota
Windancer and a bonus track with throat-singing by James P. Roberts.
Hear a sample in our Store.
Naked (Oct '10) is a poetry chapbook full of Kimberly's poems, quotes
and a "storum." A storum is a cross between a story and a poem and is
unique to Kimberly and Pickle Barrel Press.
The latest issue of The
Whitewater Press
and the debut
issue of
The Stoughton Press are
finished. You can view the issues
Discover Whitewater and
Discover Stoughton.
Kimberly was blessed once
again to be the photographer
and  have a few of her poems
featured. Prints of the cover art
are for sale.
The Second Edition of Naked is
now available. Visit the Pickle
Barrel Press page to order or
read more about it.
Kimberly's new poetry chapbook  
The Master and The Student is
completed and available for
purchase at the Pickle Barrel
Press page.
The Master and the Student (Oct '11) is a poetry chapbook with poems
and quotes by Kimberly. The poetry of The Master and The Student is a
beautiful awakening of ancient mysticism that transcends culture and
gender through universal teachings and exploration of Divine love.
Kimberly's paintings have been
chosen by the Arts Council of
Edgerton to be displayed in the
lobby/gallery at the Edgerton
Hospital from Sept 22-Nov 17th.
Thank you Wisconsin Captiol
Pride for  having me speak. Thank
you also Madison Progressive
Talk Radio for airing my speech.
As the Fellow Bee Society we put
on our first successful art show
and benefit and raised over $600
for Gilda's Club. A big thank you
goes out to Sotto, the artists, our
helpers and all of the participants!
Equality Expressions, the new line
of LGBTQ themed greetings cards,
are now available under the Pickle
Barrel Press tab. Order a card for
your loved one now.
New poetry chapbook Lotus on
released today. For more
information visit the
Pickle Barrel
Press page.
New!! Just released
May 19th!
Lotus on Fire (Apr '13) The poetry of Lotus on Fire celebrates freedom and raw emotion and takes the reader on a journey of
philosophical and erotic scenes. Find yourself in a combination of adventures through color, human emotion, nature imagery
and raw passion.  Tattoos, trains, transcendence and a handful of historical figures will surprise you in an unusual and
sublime way.
We have released three new sets
of prints in the Body Paint Project
Lotus on Fire,
and Unbound.  
Stay tuned to our store as we will
add them to the available prints
once we get through the busy Pride
and summer art show season.
Equality Expressions now has
three new greeting cards, making
it a total of 15 unique cards that
we have available. We will get
these three cards up on the
website soon. In the meantime we
will be selling them at upcoming
events. Stop by.
- Official photographer for the Whitewater Press/Stoughton Press/Elkhorn Press of Discover
Performed for Janesville's LGBT group Outreach of Rock County 8-11-11.
- A
winner of the Prescott College National Photography Contest for her piece "Yellowstone
Blessings", will be published in the 2009 issue of
Alligator Juniper.
Board member of Janesville's Spotlight on Kids in 2006, 2007 & 2008 and directed the
Halloween Walk all three years at Rotary Gardens.
Taught acting and other classes for Spotlight on Kids in Janesville.
Creator of The Fellow Bee Society (est. May 2007).  
Presenter in 2006 for the Wisconsin Writers Conference at the University of
Wisconsin-Baraboo/Sauk County and the Fine Arts Festival in Milton, WI.
Presenter in 2007 at the Alphabet Soup (MGLBTACC) Conference in Minneapolis, MN, and for
the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater Impact organization.
- Has
performed at Books & Brew in Milton; Hedberg Public Library (also televised-April 2007),
Craig High School, Book World and the Senior Center in Janesville; The SweetSpot in Whitewater;
Barnes & Noble, A Room of One's Own, Avol's Bookstore, Mother Fool's, and Café ZuZu in
Madison; The Village Booksmith in Baraboo, the University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh, the Appleton
Public Library, and other venues and private parties.
Panache Magazine featured an article about Kimberly, Spring 2008 issue
Poem titled Loosen Your Tongue was accepted into the 2009 Wisconsin Poet's Calendar.
- Performed/Panel Reading at WisCon 32 (2008), WisCon 33 (2009), and WisCon 34 (2010).
These have all been collaborative readings with 3 or more authors. WisCon is the world's largest
feminist science fiction convention.  (
Performed on Radio Literature, WORT 89.9 FM, Madison, WI, September 18th, 2008.
Poem titled Doorways published in the Spring/Fall 2010 Issue of The Whitewater Press.
Poem titled The Norse Tree published in the Holiday/Winter 2010 Issue of The Stoughton Press.
Poems titled Water and Water & Fire Children of Earth published in the Holiday/Winter 2010 Issue
The Whitewater Press.
Poem titled Compromise Nothing was accepted into the 2012 Wisconsin Poets' Calendar.
Finalist in the 2011 Fox Valley Symphony Orchestra Photography Contest for her piece "Sea
Poem titled Any Town published in the 2011 Spring/Summer Issue of The Whitewater Press.
Commissioned to write a poem for a couple to read at their wedding. 9/10/2011
Guest speaker at Wisconsin Capitol Pride, Madison, WI 8/19/2012
Poem titled Come Closer accepted for the 2014 Wisconsin Poets' Calendar.
Guest speaker and poetry performance at the 2nd Annual Rockford Pride Fest.
Presented poetry workshop Cause & Effect of Words at National Women's Music Festival,
Madison, WI. 7/6/13
Presented a televised poetry workshop Cause & Effect of Words at Hedberg Public Library in
Janesville, WI. 8/20/13
Performed poetry at the DS Pride Open Mic Poetry night at Jitters Coffee House in Duluth, MN.
Poem titled Who Is Free published in Trying Hard to Hear You by Lewis Bosworth. 9/2013
- Poems Fire of Prometheus, The Key, and Breathless will be published in the first issue of Blue
Heron Review.
Poem Between Edgerton and Heaven will be featured in the Winter 2014 issue of Solitary Plover.
To view the Body Paint Project
prints featured in
October issue please
visit our  
store. We will continue to
donate $5 from each BPP print
sold to Gilda's Club in Madison.
You can also specify a specific
cancer charity if you'd like.
Look for a new Body Paint Project,
"Bohemia" to be released later this
month. Pickle Barrel Press will
also be releasing two new poetry
publications in the Spring of '15.
Stay tuned for other exciting news...
Happiness and peace to you and
yours, Kimberly and Colleen.
The Oracle (May '15)  The Oracle is Kimberly A. Blanchette's fifth book of poetry. This inspirational Midwest LGBT author uses
her degree in philosophy and 46 years of life experience to take the reader on a journey of self examination, exploration,
equality, and love. The poems, life teachings, meditations, quotes and speeches are unapologetic embraces of humanity and
the Divine. Filled with spirituality, passion and mysticism this collection will be celebrated by today's generation and all of those
who will continue cultivate the Greater Good.