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Pickle Barrel Press
"The secret's in the brine."
Expect the unexpected, nothing is what it seems...when you look inside the mysterious brine of pickle barrel dreams.  
Founder Colleen Frentzel & Co-founder Kimberly Blanchette, established in October 2010.

We offer poetry, short stories, art work too, something for everyone to fancy, perhaps even you!

Our first publication is a poetry chapbook titled
Naked by Kimberly A. Blanchette. Naked contains 10 poems, 10 quotes,
and 1 "storum." A storum is a combination of a story and a poem and is unique to Kimberly A. Blanchette and Pickle
Barrel Press.  
Naked was originally released on 10/26/10.  Order your copy below.

We now have 15 totally unique and exciting Equality Expressions greeting cards available to fit your
every mood.  Scroll down to see these artistic greeting cards. Check back often as we will be
continually adding more cards for different occasions...

In 2015 Pickle Barrel Press will be releasing even more Equality Expressions greeting cards and at least two new books
of poetry.
News & Highlights
Naked is a glimpse of humanity's rapture, passion and pain brought to life by poetic images of
nature, social justice and the human heart.  "We are our stories. Our bones speak; they whisper the
legacy of being." ~Kimberly A. Blanchette
Third Edition
10/20/2011.  The Second Edition of Naked is
now available!!!!

New chapbook
The Master & the Student
coming soon. The poetry of The Master and
the Student is a beautiful awakening of
ancient mysticism that transcends culture
and gender through universal teachings and
exploration of Divine love.
9/24/2011. The First Edition of Naked has
been sold out. The Second Edition will be
available in a few weeks. Feel free to pre-order
The poetry of The Master and the Student is a beautiful awakening of ancient mysticism that
transcends culture and gender through universal teachings and exploration of Divine love.
10/28/2011. The second publication by Pickle
Barrel Press titled
The Master and the Student
is completed and available for purchase!!   
12/10/2012. The first edition of TMTS and
the second edition of Naked are both sold out.  
New editions of each are now available.
Second Edition
Feel free to contact us at
Inside: "The universe gives us
everything we need, want and
desire when we least expect it."
Equality Expressions
Greeting cards for the LGBTQA community.
Order a unique card for your special someone. Not only are these cards made for the LGBT community they also support an LGBT couple and help local LGBT organizations.

The 15 cards that we have below can be used for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Thinking of You, Get Well, Thank You, or to be spontaneously Romantic. Some cards have poetic verses written
by Kimberly A. Blanchette and some are blank inside which makes them more versatile.

Your choice of card only $2.50 each or 3 for $6.00, tax included.

All cards are 5 x 7 on glossy paper, with an envelope and come in a cellophane bag.

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Inside: "All I want to do is stay in
this moment, laughing the night
away with the heat of your eyes
upon me."
Inside: "Let us have the intimate
conversations of wordless
admiration, where eyes speak to
eyes and breath lingers like silk
on skin."
Inside: "Talk to me
with only the voice of
the moon. Let me feel
your every emotion
searing through my
body like hot streaks
of lightning against
the vast velvet sky.
Let there be no
distance between us."
Inside: "There are times when the
air encircling us is not enough,
where each breath of the season
has us yearning for more, where
each note of the violin sways us
into the arms of love. Even now I
long for you in this afternoon
Inside: "You have
pulled me into your
existence like the
crash of waves upon
the shore of desire."
1/11/2013  The first six greeting cards of our
new line of LGBTQ cards called
are available. See below
4/25/2013  Naked is now available on
Kindle!  Also, our third poetry chapbook
on Fire
will be released tomorrow.
Second Edition
The poetry of Lotus on Fire celebrates freedom and raw emotion and takes the reader on a journey of
philosophical and erotic scenes. Find yourself in a combination of adventures through color, human
emotion, nature imagery and raw passion.  Tattoos, trains, transcendence and a handful of historical
figures will surprise you in an unusual and sublime way.
Also available on Kindle. Click here.
Also available on Kindle. Click here.
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12/13/13  The first edition of Lotus on Fire is
sold out, the second edition is now available.
Also available on Kindle. Click here.
April, 2014  We have released a new poetry
collection by famous Wisconsin author James
P.  Roberts. Order your copy of  below.
In this collection of 22 poems, James P. Roberts explores the ways we reveal our darker sides.
Whether it be the gathering of authors at a feminist science fiction convention or the sudden
self-destructive hunger for more than just food, -- even amidst the endless tape loops of pornography
and violence -- these start portraits are raw comments on a society at once turbulent and
Also available on Kindle. Click here.
Brand New, Released 5/19/15!!!!  The Oracle is Kimberly A. Blanchette's fifth book of poetry. This
inspirational Midwest LGBT author uses her degree in philosophy and 46 years of life experience to take
the reader on a journey of self examination, exploration, equality, and love. The poems, life teachings,
meditations, quotes and speeches are unapologetic embraces of humanity and the Divine. Filled with
spirituality, passion and mysticism this collection will be celebrated by today's generation and all of those
who will continue cultivate the Greater Good.   
Also available on Kindle. Click here
May, 2015  We have released a new poetry
collection by poet and activist Kimberly A.
Blanchette.  Order your copy of
The Oracle